Passionate about technology-driven innovation

Passionate about technology-driven innovation and deeply experienced with software driven businesses, products and product development, Ed’s five decade business career spans both entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial activity. Ed grew up in the radio and television business environment and so had an intrinsic familiarity with both wired and wireless technologies. In the early 1970’s he discovered computers and software and his first business venture was the development and licensing of accounting software for the then emerging personal computer technologies.

He opened a retail business computer store called Cyberstar in the early 1980’s. The business was sold to a major office products conglomerate, Ikon Office Solutions which in turn was acquired by Ricoh-Tokyo in 2008.

In the later 1980’s he developed a software business specialising in insurance data and medical records processing using an emerging multi-user computer technology. The business was sold to an entity associated with then Dallas located Moore Business Forms.

In the early 1990’s, Ed joined well known Milwaukee entrepreneur, Mike Cudahy Marquette Electronics Inc., to help him build a medical device (cardiac catheterisation) business in Florida within the Marquette Medical business structure.

A nearly ten-year entrepreneurial effort resulted in the most profitable division in the company. Marquette Medical Inc was sold to General Electric in 1998.

At the end of the 1990’s Ed joined Silicon Valley business entrepreneur Nitin Mehta to help him integrate an array of personal computer based software products in use in hospitals and that were developed by companies being acquired by Nitin’s QuadraMed. QuadraMed continues to operate as a health care software supplier.

In the early 2000’s Ed joined business entrepreneur Per-Olof Loof to assist him in the development of the software side of the Sensormatic electronic article surveillance business. In 2001 Sensormatic was acquired by Tyco International and an eleven-year entrepreneurial effort by

Ed brought radio frequency identification technology, internet of things technology and big data analytics to the Tyco product line. Tyco was merged with Johnson Controls in 2016.

In the early 2010’s, Ed teamed up with serial entrepreneur Rush Simonson to return a software driven medical device product to market after having languished for five-years subsequent to the original developers bankruptcy. Having licensed the intellectual property, the product was again manufactured after a two-year effort. Distributed under the brand name “Juvent” the business continues to operate.

Since completing the Juvent product Ed has mentored and advised hundreds of start-up technology businesses. In September of 2016 Ed joined up with Glenn Greenhill and Patrick Fullick to conceptualise and begin development of a career and education planning tool for young people who face the increasingly complex decision about their future.

On a personal note, Ed lives in Jupiter, FL (USA) has been married for 49 years to wife Mary and they have two grown sons and two wonderful grandchildren.

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