Our business vision is to brovide young people with a single platform containing all the necessary tools to explore the complete range of study, training, apprenticeship, career and work opportunities open to them.

The Selfsuite® brand icon is an eye looking out into the world and a doorway into a pupil. Together these two elements represent the service we plan to bring into the lives of teenagers and young adults, first in the United Kingdom and then internationally in the USA, Canada, India and Europe.

The Problem

Young people (13-24) are faced with the daunting task of making informed decisions about their education journey, career opportunities and long-term employment prospects.

Technology has brought about unprecedented and accelerated rates of change to the jobs landscape.

For over two decades, research reports have warned of an increasing gap between the needs of business and industry and the capabilities of young people leaving the education system.

Optimum education, training and development choices are vital to equip today’s youth for a future of uncertainty.

The Challenge

It is in the interests of parents, employers, governments and entire economies that young people are enabled to find education and career paths matching their aptitudes and aspirations.

The necessary computational tools are currently not available to young people to facilitate fully-informed decision-making and planning.

Selfsuite® will provide these tools, transforming life prospects for all young people no matter what their background, financial status, aptitude and ambitions.

The Solution

A completely private and secure information and intelligence platform, designed explicitly around the individual user.

An easily accessible system that leverages the same spectrum of data-streams, processing and interpretation capabilities that are widely exploited by governments, financial analysts and international commerce.

To provide access to these resources through a suite of user-friendly, gameplay-oriented applications that are powerful and fun to use, the capabilities of which grow with the user throughout the course of their journey into adulthood.

The Target Market

10 million students in the UK who are at present at various stages of decision-making for their future education and employment.

6.3 million in Canada
3.2 million in Australia
63.8 million in the United States of America 

A potential user base of 85 million English speaking students.

Plus 400 million across Europe and 980 million globally.

The Revenue Projections

Selfsuite® revenue is based upon a
Subscription Business Model at £36 per annum per user.

A total available UK market of over 8 million young people of whom more than 85% are or will participate in higher or further education, in apprenticeships or some other form of training or vocational course.

At 36 months from launch in the UK the target is to attract a subscriber base of 300,000 young people.

Revenue after 36 months:
Direct UK Revenue: £10 million per annum
Indirect UK Revenue: £1.5 million per annum

From a total available international market
in excess of 120 million young people.
International Revenue: £20 million per annum

Funding Targets

Series A (Prototype & Trials): Funded

Series B (MVP Release): £750k – £1.25m for platform and A.I. systems development

Series C: £10m+ Cross Platform Deployment and International Expansion

Promotion Videos

We have produced four Selfsuite® Promotion Videos:

Our first, called “Epic”, is a pitch to investors that describes the nature of Selfsuite® as an investment and our long term vision for the venture. It runs for 4-minutes.

Our second video, named “Innovation”, is a compilation of documentary and presentation clips. The video runs for 12-minutes and covers various aspects of the market, technology and investment opportunities relating to Selfsuite® that we have identified.

The third promotion video “Play the Game of Your Life” is a user-oriented presentation which conveys both the brand values and the affordances of Selfsuite®.

The fourth video is called “Revolution” and is also a user-oriented presentation. The video  focuses on further education, vocational learning and apprenticeship opportunities.

Investor presentations


If you are interested in funding the development of Selfsuite®, we would be delighted to provide you
with a full private presentation.

Please email glenn@selfsuite to describe the nature of your interest and to schedule a suitable time and place to meet.

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