Founding Team

Glenn Greenhill

Glenn started his career in direct marketing and advertising, both of which have been transformed by technological advances over the last 40 years. Across graphic design, digital imagery, marketing production, film, music and video software, Glenn has embraced and then mastered each new capability.

It is important to note that all the product: the name, brand, illustration, graphic design, UI design, animation and video collateral that comprises Selfsuite® has been conceived and produced personally by Glenn. This hands-on capability, along with the contributions of the other founders has made the venture almost entirely self-sufficient since its inception.

Koner Osman

Koner is a gifted, self-taught programmer. He has an astounding capacity to learn and a passion for computer games, technology generally and software design in particular.

Koner has a degree in Biology from Holloway. He joined the Selfsuite team in early 2018.
Koner has almost single-handedly constructed all of the Selfsuite® and Prefuture™ wireframes and prototypes entirely from scratch.

Toby Hudson

Toby started his working life as a Technical Author at Rolls Royce.
Seeing the emergence of information technologies and the internet he retrained himself and mastered both front and back-end web construction. His skills, knowledge and experience helped him secure a Web Developer position, quickly moving into a Technical Project management role at Wiley in Oxford, one of the world’s leading online education publishers.

Over the last two years Toby has made a significant contribution to the development of Selfsuite®. His involvement with the Selfsuite® project is now concluded. Toby recently secured a new role at Ocado Technology to pursue his career in Project management, delivering large-scale software solutions.

Strategic Advisors

Colum Elliott-Kelly

Colum is Chief Strategy Officer and GM North America at Filament AI, whose mission is to help enterprises to build proprietary AI capability and apply it to core business opportunities. Colum is responsible for corporate development, product strategy, international growth and Filament Ventures.

Prof. Anthony Kelly

Tony Kelly is Professor of Education at the University of Southampton. He specialises in the theory of Educational Effectiveness and Improvement; in particular, as it relates to educational leadership, governance and policy analysis, in adapting Capability and Game Theoretic concepts to schooling and in developing innovative quantitative approaches and mathematical modelling techniques for use in educational research.

Prof. Francis Green

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